I have no hate for gays let me make this perfectly clear up front. I don’t hold hate in my heart for any person because in the end people are just that- people. However I can’t help but feel disdain and scorn for those Christians who accept homosexuality because “all love is the same” or “people ought to do what makes them happy.” Read a Bible. And no I don’t mean just gloss over the words on the page but to really read it. Go through the verses and dive head first into the original Greek. You ought not to compromise what God has told you for whats trendy in the world. How can you stand there and declare yourself a Christian and state that you support gay marriage and gay propaganda? Being a Christian is more than believing in God and Jesus or simply attending church most Sundays. Being a Christian is done through both belief and action. It contains a responsibility to God far more complex and demanding than most people are willing to sacrifice. These are the people I despise more than the gays. I won’t go so far as to say that these people aren’t Christians, but they are very passive towards their God. 

Recently Disney added a gay couple to its children’s program. Last night at the Grammy’s dozens of couples were married in a way to say that it is normal. The programming of the next generation of kids has already started. Its really a shame how we already know ahead of time how screwed up these coming generations will be with their worship of the false virtues of equality, acceptance, tolerance, and progressive. Its a joke that so many people see this as a step forward rather than what it really is- a step backwards. People don’t like to be blunt on this issue so I will be. No matter what you do legally a man and a woman getting married will never be the same as two mutual masturbators of the same sex. It will never be a normal act. Even in ancient times when same sex sexual acts occurred, this idea of the modern gay lifestyle would not be accepted. 


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