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인생에서 단순하고 소박한 아름다움을 하나씩 찾아 모으며 나날을 보내는 것 외에 그 어느 것도 바라지 않은 사람이야말로 더없이 행복한 사람이다. (That man is happiest who lives from day to day to day and asks no more, garnering the simple goodness of a life.)

Korean Proverb, 한국속담

생각에 있어서 그러하듯, 행동에서 위대하라. (Be great in act, as you have been in thought.)

Korean Proverb, 한국속담

It is rather amusing that there’s so much hate and vitriol being spewed about the new Arizona legislative move. Yet not a single person can state the contents of the bill. And no, the bill is not about discriminating people based on sexuality. Read the bill. Don’t let media types and businesses bully you into an opinion until you have read it for yourself. 

The new oligarchy must increasingly rely on the advice of scientists till in the end the politicians become merely the scientists’ puppets.

C.S. Lewis, “Willing Slaves of the Welfare State”

We must not interpret God’s unconditional love as approval of our behavior.

Swiss Vote to Curb Immigration in Referendum

Recently picked up the music composition computer program Sibelius 7. Its been a few years since I’ve done much with music writing so I am quite looking forward to messing with it a bit. Need to review my theory as well.