Archives For March 2014

I encourage all Christians to not waste their money by going to see the Noah movie. Its openly blasphemous, politically driven, and purposefully ignores the true message behind the story of the flood in Genesis. If you do wish to see it then wait a few months then rent it from red box for a dollar. Again don’t give these people who make a mockery of your beliefs your money just because they do a Christian themed movie. And as Christians you ought to be outraged and vocal. The Muslims would not stand for such impudence and complete lack of disrespect for their faith. There’s a reason he made a movie called Noah and not Muhammad. All this does is confuse lukewarm Christians and create the idea that these stories are myths (which they aren’t) which can be interpreted however which way you please.  

It is a shame that the US government is essentially destroying the US military’s capacity to perform its duties in the name of social justice. First it allowed homosexuals, then it insists on allowing women in combat duties, further pushes for an extreme reduction in size, and now they wish to not only allow transgender individuals but to pay for their required procedures. Good job America. All these nations around us not doing these ridiculous practices are salivating at the thought of our self implosion.