It seems the Middle East conflict is the new hipster issue that people are latching on to. And naturally people are siding with the more peaceful and socially enlightened side of the opposing sides. Surprisingly they are not. While I agree that aid ought to be cutback to Israel as it is sovereign, I find it hard to find sympathy for the Palestinian “nation.” Sure on a human level I can feel empathy for their human struggle and cultural history. But when you are talking about a tiny nation in Israel who regularly stands up for itself against its neighbors from all sides I too find some admiration for their struggle. Many young people are hardly taught about the conflicts in 1948, 1967, 1973, 1978,  1982, 2008, and even the new activity occurring presently. All of these have one thing in common- aggression was first started by Israeli neighbors. So how can I take a group of people seriously when one side says the other ought to be wiped off the face of the earth and the other  has not show aggression even going so far as to give back conquered territories? Why is it such a travesty to have the existence of a Jewish state? Why are people not pressuring these Palestinians and Muslims to stop the aggressive behavior? If they were to do so this conflict would not even exist. I am not Jewish or a Zionist so I am able to view through an objective lens. I cannot simply join the bandwagon on this issue, nor any issue really. 

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