Archives For November 2014

These recent incidents in the news about Ferguson are disgusting and downright neanderthal. You would think we have the perspective and intelligence to understand how the legal process works. You would think we understood by now how the media and social justice cretins are eating this free publicity up. Stop to really think about it. The media has everyone in a tizzy simply because a boy in some county nobody cares about was killed by a police officer. This was no normal innocent boy mind you. This was not a child who was taught at home the value of education and personal responsibility. Why is it that these cretins latch onto stories of people with very questionable pasts and actions even as recently as minutes before the incident that took their life? What is the point of defending the indefensible? These are never situations where innocent people are being shot walking down the street. Its always a case where personal responsibility has been discarded. A case where facts are not necessarily true and your inner feelings trump evidence. Where personal background is somehow unimportant if it doesn’t shine a favorable light on someone’s character.