If anyone wishes to follow a rather humorous blog about a white person self flagellating then go here http://white-history-month.tumblr.com/ . Although the exercise of viewing the world through another person’s prism is certainly an admirable practice this person clearly takes things too far. For one thing I disagree with the grouping of whites together. Whites don’t all get along and work together in unity. This isn’t Star Wars where the Rebels are all people not white and the evil Empire is all white people. Each racially white ethnicity has its own struggles and history just as any other civilization. To group them up negates this past history and struggles while forcing them into this narrative that whites only lived to steal non-white peoples land and property. Likewise all people not racially white have unique cultural treks as well through the ages. To group them up and portray them having any sort of unifying bond is ridiculous. There’s hardly any ways that a Chinese person and Ghanaian will connect beyond a human level and it certainly won’t be in a unified front versus people racially white. There’s nothing admirable about self flagellation.  

I’m hoping this is satire. 


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