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November 9, 2016 — Leave a comment

Election 2016 has now concluded and the president is now Donald Trump. I am pretty satisfied with the results and glad that it happened in the way that it did. Trump was not supposed to win. Trump was confronted at every turn by the establishment elite, media, polling, entertainment industry, financial industry, etc. and yet still prevailed against their wishes. Why did this happen and why did Trump win?

Trump had a message that resonates. Trump was masterful at getting people enthusiastic to vote for him. Furthermore the growing movement of authoritarian progressivism is largely to blame. People have lost patience with the political correct movement and social justice with their selective justice. People are tired of political issues (terrorism, illegal immigration, trade, etc.) not being addressed and having establishment politicians tell you with their infinite wisdom how you ought to feel about said political issues. People are tired of not being able to discuss racial issues or gender issues without being labeled and lambasted. What essentially happened was a complete shift in the parties which was unprecedented. Who would have thought that the Republican party would run a populist versus a Democratic corporate candidate.

Where do we go from here? That is unknown but I think we have a good idea that something is going to happen given Republican control of all major branches. The Republican party is in a conflicted state with establishment Republicans at odds with the newly risen alt-right. The Democrats are a broken party with no real leader also divided between liberals and progressives. We could see major changes in the next 4 years from both parties. It would be wise though for Democrats to not choose a candidate among themselves instead of allowing the democratic processes to take place.

But I will end on a positive note. The world is still alive and the Sun came up. Markets will rebound as they always do. Life will continue on as God wills it.

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