A Response to the Drivel that is Occupy Democrats

January 15, 2017 — Leave a comment

I recently came across an article from Occupy Democrats which if you are not aware is a left leaning organization that makes lots of memes and images that get shared amongst the left. I typically just simply scroll on and ignore such partisan rubbish as I do with the right wing  Republican equivalent. However this time I figured I would address the overarching problems and cognitive dissonance on display within their movement. Rather than leave a comment and argue against a wall which typifies political discourse nowadays I will address all the points here:

1. Nothing, including an arcane, racist section of the constitution, can change the fact that 3 million more Americans voted for Hillary than for Trump. It’s either a democracy or it isn’t. If he had won by 3 million, I would sadly admit that Trump is the President the American people wanted. But that’s not what happened.

Firstly Michael lets cut out the disingenuous notion that because a person won the electoral college but not the popular vote they are illegitimate. Its funny how Democrats are so quick to point this fact out yet I would bet they would have said no such thing had John Kerry beat Bush back in 2004 which he came close to doing by electoral vote. Moore is being a partisan buffoon at this point. Furthermore he is putting on full display his inability to comprehend the basic civics that the US government’s foundation is built upon. The US government is not a democracy and has never been a democracy. The US constitution would have never been ratified back in 1788 if the plans for government called for mob rule. Back to the 2016 election though. If one were to look at the states one would see that Trump won 30 states to Clinton’s 20 states. If one were to look at the votes outside the states of California and New York,Trump carries the election by 1.8 million votes. So in other words its not that Trump doesn’t have the will of the people he simply doesn’t have the will of California. I think the other 48 states are okay with that especially the small states as shown in her crushing electoral defeat. The Republicans not only won the presidential election despite all major outlets predicting Trump’s chances in the single digits but they also won the senate and house majorities. That is a mandate.

2.  He is not well and needs help. He has a number of serious mental disorders that make him unfit to hold office — and they are on display every day in one cringe-worthy tweet after another. He is a full-blown malignant narcissist. He displays sociopathic tendencies. He will say one thing and 30 seconds later say the opposite. He is disconnected from the truth. And he has a stunning lack of human empathy. These behaviors make him a truly dangerous occupant of the Oval Office.

This is all conjecture and typical fear mongering that was prevalent throughout the election. If you want to say that Trump has an ego and is inconsistent in his principles that is fair game. But when you start saying ridiculous things like “truly dangerous” in hopes that people will swing to your view out of fear you lose credibility Mr. Moore.

3. The Russians interfered with the election in order to get him elected. Even Trump now admits as much. That alone makes the election tainted and should be voided. We spend trillions on ridiculous weapons and ineffective police state-style homeland security measures to defend us against those who would “destroy our way of life” — but we are to remain silent when a foreign government is caught trying to get THEIR candidate elected as OUR president? AND they succeed! This is a joke of monstrous proportions — and the fact that conservatives, Republicans and patriotic good ol’ boys are actively defending this foreign aggression into our country confirms to me what I’ve feared all along: that they really hate our form of democracy, our Bill of Rights, our belief that “All men (sic) are created equal,” our one person-one vote system, that whoever scores the most points wins and that people of all religions are welcome here. They don’t believe that, and I’d respect them so much more if they would just simply admit it.

No such evidence has been presented to the public to show definitive Russian state sponsored hacking to get Trump elected. Does it not come off a bit strange that Russia would hack our documents and emails only to distribute them to the public untainted? Surely there would be some liberties taken with the material or tampering with the evidence so why did no such actions take place. Furthermore Moore does not seem to grasp even how Podesta was hacked in the first place. Podesta was hacked from a very rudimentary phishing email which he likely clicked on stupidly. A phishing email hardly sounds like the full power that the Russian SVR is capable of unleashing. Why are Democrats constantly harping on the Russian boogeyman without any substantiated evidence beyond conjectures? Why are Democrats so incapable from their failed candidate in Clinton to the DNC head organization of maintaining a secure and working computer network? Do Democrats not have IT people? Finally the extent of Russian interference could have played in the election has not been clearly defined and until it is defined this stance of Moore’s is pointless partisan harping.

4. The FBI clearly chose sides, and FBI Director Comey’s interference in the 10 days before the election most-definitely helped tipped the balance to the FBI’s preferred candidate, Donald J. Trump. That our own federal police would so brazenly attempt to throw the election to the person with the least votes is mind-boggling, frightening and must be stopped. Attorney General Lynch must immediately, today, appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate what to me appears to be a criminal offense. If this is true, I want to see FBI Director Comey in handcuffs and behind bars. Short of murder and a few other heinous acts, is there a worse crime in our democracy than the highest ranking cop in the land attempting to throw the election?

There is nothing to suggest that Comey “chose sides” throughout the election. He could have easily taken a side back in September when he publicly admonished but opted not to criminally prosecute Clinton for crimes that most public servants would have been prosecuted for. The whole reason they even had to trot Comey back out there for the press was due to Anthony Weiner and the investigation into his misdeeds. The idea that this is somehow just short of murder in Moore’s mind is completely baffling and shows he has clearly lost grips with reality. Moore also fails recall the fact the Lynch was compromised herself due to her interactions with the Clintons. Oh and see point #1 to explain why we are not a democracy.

5. Trump has nominated in Rex Tillerson the most powerful corporate CEO in the world as “our” Secretary of State. Why would the quarter-billionaire head of the world’s richest corporation want a “government job?” So that he, a personal friend of Putin’s, can get the US sanctions lifted off Russia so that his company, ExxonMobil, can get back to their exclusive oil deal with Russia — which will eventually net ExxonMobil three TRILLION dollars. This is nothing less than a bold, audacious robbery in broad daylight — and it says a lot about you and me that they think they can get away with it.

This is all theory and a bad conspiracy theory at that. I don’t agree with his pick but this sounds like something Alex Jones would say.

6. Trump has potentially committed a number of felonies — and a felon simply can’t sit in the Oval Office (I can’t believe I even have to state that). From his admitted sexual assaults to whatever he’s hiding in the tax returns, to possibly evading taxes, to his committing fraud with Trump U, to his long list of conflicts of interest — the chance of us having to suffer through his impeachment trial in the Senate is just too much to bear.

Donald Trump is, as John Lewis said, NOT a legitimate president. He is unfit, unstable and was elected with help from the Russian government. John Lewis has announced he will not attend the Inauguration, and eight other members of Congress today have joined him. Call (202-225-3121) or write your Congressperson and insist he or she not attend the swearing in of an illegitimate president. It’s the least you can do short of standing in front of this runaway train. — Michael Moore

There is nothing to suggest that Trump has committed a felony. This idea that Trump is not “legitimate” is a ridiculous one and shows the idiotic mind gymnastics the left is currently doing to undermine the will of the American people. They assumed Clinton would win but she lost and now everyone under the sun is to blame except for themselves and their out of touch party. John Lewis can be an American hero of the civil rights movement and yet be completely and utterly wrong on this front. Him calling Trump illegitimate calls into question who he believes to be legitimate in the first place. Is any president who Mr. Lewis dislikes suddenly illegitimate? If you don’t want to attend the inauguration then simply don’t attend. However if you are going to open your mouth and say ridiculously partisan nonsense and spout Democratic talking points which are not corroborated by hard evidence then perhaps Mr. Lewis is unfit to serve in the US government any further.


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