Archives For April 23, 2017

What if the student is from a culture that views eye contact as being rude or threatening? I feel like this idea that not making eye contact is somehow a microaggression is absolutely absurd. Does the university have no other methods for aiding student/staff interactions than to deliberate which actions are acceptable in their eyes? I pity the students in the UK who are going to obtain a sanitized education devoid of anything slightly uncomfortable or challenging. When they seek employment in the real world they will be handicapped because of this. In their attempts to be inclusive they turn out racist and in their attempts to be accommodating they are infantilizing. A sad state of affairs.

Pretty interesting study for the most part. There are a multitude of factors that are coming into play but the idea that basic survival knowledge and being able to handle basic tasks are declining is disappointing. I find it incredible that only 37% feel confident when dealing with a flat tire. While I agree with the conclusion that modern living can often leave no time for dealing with these sorts of tasks, a basic knowledge can prove to be invaluable. Not only can it give you confidence and a sense of accomplishment but it can also save valuable time and money. I guess I can count my blessings that the upbringing by my parents allowed for opportunities to learn these sorts of DIY skills.

I think the election went as most political analysts expected things to turn out. Macron and Le Pen move on to the next run off round of the presidential election which takes place May 7th. I will be curious where the support for the other candidates decide to realign for the next round. I would not be surprised if the majority of the center right candidates support eventually finds its way to Macron ensuring his victory over Le Pen. I fear though this will be a hollow victory in the long term as Macron has not laid out any policies of real change. Macron does not appear to have a hard line stance on EU reform nor does he feel that domestic terror attacks are a major priority with the people. I fear these will be his eventual downfall. If Macron attempts to keep the status quo and salvage the sinking ship that is the EU then he will be dragging France down with him. My hope is that Le Pen will pull through simply because the demise of the EU will be accelerated. I don’t necessarily agree with her views on overall French society but the current trajectory of the country is not feasible. But I predict Macron to win.