Max Boot: Don’t Fear the EU

May 9, 2017 — 2 Comments

I am not buying the argument laid out by this article that the E.U. isn’t the bureaucratic impasse that it is.  While its true that some measure of stability can be obtained through the E.U. I don’t view it as a total success in burying ethnic and political divisions under the E.U. umbrella to fester. It appears he is more worried about violence that nationalism could bring and is willing to compromise with a broken trans-national organization. I too am concerned about the growing tide of nationalism. I however don’t view the suggestions that we cling on tighter to one of the main causes of nationalistic populist fervor as an adequate course of action.

2 responses to Max Boot: Don’t Fear the EU


    You fear the growing nationalist “tide” (not tied as above)? But, why?



      I believe it will inevitably end in violence of some kind. Post-WW2 the political powers have attempted various methods usually interconnecting markets in a bid of unifying people monetarily. I guess the line of reasoning was if the people are at risk to lose money they won’t go to war. I just think its a rather futile project that will never be realized. Human nature is flawed and we will remain at risk of war so long as we are flawed.


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