The NHL Playoffs

May 21, 2017 — Leave a comment

I find it inexplicable that in the current sports climate hockey is being completely ignored by the sports media coverage save for a few highlights along with the customary Barry Melrose trot out. Its inexcusable that in a time where basketball is essentially worthless and the only competing sport is baseball that hockey continues to be ignored. It appears that the two major networks Fox and ESPN are more content to poach their dreadful excuse of coverage off of NBC rather than make their own. This is compounded by ESPN releasing almost the entirety of their NHL reporting staff mid playoffs. Obviously with ESPN being invested in the NBA it only makes sense that NBA coverage appears to be greater on their networks but its rather pathetic coverage in the end. It can be visibly seen to the viewers how the pundits are grasping for narratives when really none are to be found. Meanwhile the NHL playoffs are chalked full of different narratives and story lines which are being played out nightly during actual competitive playoff games. But alas ESPN seems happy to only discuss the latest sports drama or bring out their current ratings puppet that is Lavar Ball who contributes absolutely nothing of substance other than to bring drama for their starving morning sports talk shows. Basketball ratings over the course of the year were down and the NFL was down as well due to the election and poor quality of play. If the networks think they will continue to swindle their views with a sub par product then they and the athletes will be in for a rude awakening as people decrease their sports cable subscriptions and stop going to the games.

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