Best States Rankings: Measuring outcomes for citizens using more than 75 metrics

March 5, 2018 — Leave a comment

What Goes Into the Overall Score?

  • Health Care 16%

    The highest-weighted ranking looks at health care access and affordability, health care quality and health outcomes for citizens.

    See Health Care Rankings »

  • Education 16%

    The education ranking measures how well states educate students in preschool, K-12 and different levels of higher education.

    See Education Rankings »

  • Economy 14%

    The economy ranking tracks unemployment rates, GDP growth, migration into the state, patents, new businesses and more.

    See Economy Rankings »

  • Opportunity 13%

    This ranking measures poverty, housing affordability and equality for women, minorities and people with disabilities.

    See Opportunity Rankings »

  • Infrastructure 12%

    The infrastructure rankings gauge the quality of states’ bridges, public transportation, power grids, broadband and more.

    See Infrastructure Rankings »

  • Crime & Corrections 11%

    Crime & Corrections ranks states based on public safety and the quality and fairness of their prison systems, including racial bias.

    See Crime & Corrections Rankings »

  • Fiscal Stability 10%

    This ranking tracks states’ government credit ratings, liquidity, pension fund liability and budget balancing.

    See Fiscal Stability Rankings »

  • Quality of Life 8%

    This new ranking tracks states’ air quality, pollution, voter participation, social support and more.

    See Quality of Life Rankings »

Weights may not add to 100 because of rounding.

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