The Real Problem At Yale Is Not Free Speech

August 12, 2019 — 1 Comment

The top universities can’t keep out of national news. Just in the past few months, there have been several high-profile stories about Yale and Harvard. Harvard is being sued for discrimination against Asians. Yale is being sued for not admitting women into its fraternities.

These scandals have been framed as a consequence of the culture wars. Left versus right. Political correctness versus free speech. Empathy and inclusion versus economic realities. Students fighting for social and racial justice against morally bankrupt faculty and administrators. But after attending Yale for some of the larger scandals in recent years, these dichotomies ring hollow.

Over the past decade, elite colleges have been staging grounds for what Matthew Yglesias has termed the Great Awokening. Dozens of scandals have illustrated a stifling new ideological orthodoxy that is trickling down into the rest of society through HR departments, corporations, churches, foundations, and activist organizations. The nation is becoming polarized and its parts disconnected. The right is evil, and the left is stupid. Or is it the other way around?

The Real Problem At Yale Is Not Free Speech

One response to The Real Problem At Yale Is Not Free Speech


    I truly believe that much of the derogatory about universities has been fertilized by the culture war. Some radicalism does exist in certain institutions of higher learning; however, the prestigious ones cannot allow their reputations to be marred by violence, hate-speech and radicalism. Had I been more fortunate in my early years, I may have followed a different career path. Our extremely large family has proven that you can do about anything if you believe in yourself. I wish you a very happy and prosperous future.


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