About Me


What this blog contains: Classical religion, politics, business, history, literature, and philosophy. I am a very moderate person with a general/big picture perspective on the world. It is important to me that there is perspective and a balance is struck when encountering information.

Why you might enjoy this blog: Truth and objectivity are of the utmost importance regardless of political or ideological implications. I may not be an expert in every field but the ones I know a little about I don’t mind commentating on.

My Name: I go by many names but Paul will do.

My Ethnicity: My racial background is of mixed origins. Its a combination of African origins as well Irish, English, and French/Acadien. I recently had the pleasure of tracing my family tree back to 1634 Port Royal, Acadie, Canada.

Places I have traveled to: 27 states in the US thus far;  7 countries outside the US

Education: I attended both public and private schools growing up. I graduated from university with a degree in international business management with a specialization in the Chinese market.

Music: I can play the violin, cello, french horn, trumpet, and the piano a bit. I also enjoy dabbling in music composition both contemporary and classical. I enjoy listening to classical, film scores, and pop from other countries.

TV: I enjoy historical dramas and cooking shows. I also enjoy the antics from the former Top Gear trio. However I don’t spend much time consuming TV or watching Netflix.

Films: I enjoy action and historical films from the US, Korea, and China.

Games: I mainly play strategy games. I have an affinity for historical games. Franchises I really like: Total War, Civilization, Assassins Creed, Company of Heroes, Battlefield, Stronghold. I also have many hours in Dota 2 and casually follow the eSports scene.

My Faith: I ascribe to the Christian faith (Non-denominational) as that is what I found to hold the most truth after much self reflection and searching.

Languages: I am pretty proficient in Latin and Korean. I am in the process of learning Russian, Italian, Chinese, German, Old English, and French.

Sports: I enjoy playing baseball, football/soccer, and hockey. I’m not a hardcore fan of any teams but I do follow the FC Girondins de Bordeaux, Kansas City Royals, and the Colorado Avalanche.


Will keep updating this*