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I figure I would link to this article because its in my market specialization and I have no posted much business related news on my site thus far. A lot of companies might have some apprehensions when dealing with Chinese manufacturing especially due to the cultural and language differences. Enjoy.


J’ai défendu ailleurs et j’accepte comme une idée reçue que le discours sur l’Acadie, que les représentations de l’identité acadienne, sont plurielles[1]. Il y a plusieurs conceptions de l’identité acadienne, plusieurs discours sur son destin collectif, et c’est tant mieux. L’Acadie est plurielle parce que nous vivons dans une société démocratique, ouverte et moderne.

En même temps, il y a des efforts pour reconstituer l’unité identitaire. L’histoire nous a donné des configurations particulières, ou des formes, de cette identité acadienne qui correspondent aux représentations dominantes ou les plus répandues selon les périodes[2]. Pour dire autrement, le discours que les élites acadiennes ont tenu sur l’Acadie a influencé la population, qui s’est reconnue, ou pas, dans cette vision du monde. En opposition ou en parallèle, d’autres leaders ont pu proposer d’autres types de discours qui ont voulu rivaliser avec le récit identitaire ambiant ou qui ont effectivement…

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Here are some of my initial thoughts on the latest findings. Firstly the fact that the gap between boys and girls in reading is seen as secondary to the gap between boys and girls in math is very disconcerting. Secondly the reasoning for black boys not reading well appears to be being dismissed as systemic problems which is utter nonsense. These kids are not going to gain a love of reading simply because they are given books with black male protagonists. What they need are curriculums which are geared toward boys and not catering to the female students as has been the educational emphasis in the recent years. It seems people are content to let the male students fall through the cracks while they move their focus towards getting their female students scores up. And to make matters worse it appears that the education governmental bodies are more content to lower the standards for males students especially black male students rather than construct solutions.