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The French election is coming up soon but I don’t the outcome changing all that much. That being said it does appear that Le Pen is making up some ground but still has a way to go. Macron it appears is feeling the pressure from the far right to push for more EU reforms. I personally don’t think this gesture will be enough although a “Frexit” does appear to be unlikely. The EU has long shown itself to be a bureaucratic nightmare and the end goals are to create one nation state with one European identity. I feel Macron will perform better from an economic and cultural sense but his chaining himself to the sinking ship that is the EU is troubling.

BBC Radio: Seneca the Younger

PETER HITCHENS: The BBC isn’t trying to revive Civilisation – it’s destroying it


The BBC’s official statement regarding Jeremy Clarkson:

Will not be watching anymore. The consequences of his actions are within reason but this equating of talent gone awry and “workplace violence” is a load of rubbish. Not all people are equal as much as we like to think everyone is equal and replaceable.