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More relevant is the principle that large mobs are more dangerous than small mobs, and likely to harbor more psychopaths. Apparently running out of Nazis to resist, Boston protesters threw rocks and urine-filled bottles at police. Any shortage of white supremacists can always be corrected by expanding the definition. Opponents of a $15 minimum wage are racist. Skeptics about a pending climate crisis are racist. Anyone questioning the utility of pulling down old statues is racist.

Partisan bickering over the president’s mental capacity is not new. It’s as American as apple pie, in fact, and a subject of more urgency only as a function of the phenomenal powers invested in that office. It’s one thing to concern ourselves with the unknowable mind of this president, but it’s something else entirely to obsess over the minds of the masses. Those are the thoughts with which so many seem preoccupied. Those thoughts might be wicked thoughts. And since wicked thoughts cannot be proscribed, their very inception must be interdicted. Down that road lies its own sort of madness.

Confederate soldiers, sailors and marines, that fought in the civil war, were made U.S. Veterans by an act of Congress in 1957, U.S. Public law 85-425 sec 410 approved 23 May 1958. This made all confederate Army, Navy, Marine veterans equal to U.S. Veterans, additionally, under U.S. Public law 810 approved by the 17th congress on 26 February 1929, the war department was directed to erect headstones and recognize confederate grave sites as U.S. War grave sites. So in essence, when you remove or desecrate a confederate statue, monument, or headstone, you are in fact desecrating or removing a statue, monument, or headstone of a U.S. veteran. And I highly doubt people would be similarly apathetic to the desecration of Revolutionary War or Vietnam War memorial sites.

Secondarily lets look at the time frames most of these monuments were erected. Most of these civil war memorials were constructed around the times of two particular anniversaries them being the 50th (1915) and 100th (1965). Moreover most Civil War veterans were coming to the end of their lives around the early 1900s with the oldest one living until 1958. To me at least it seems a bit foolish to equate a statue dedicated to war veterans with hostility or white supremacy simply by existing. Why would they take the time and money to build statues and memorials to display something that didn’t need to be displayed? They had no reason to display their feelings of white superiority since that was standard belief nationwide in the early 20th century.

I can understand the calls for public removal of them but I fear this to be a far more serious movement. I cannot in good faith believe that these activists who demand their removal will cease their actions if all the statues are removed from public grounds. Nor do I think these activists even have a firm grasp on US History in general for that matter. I think we are experiencing a problem with our modern interpretation of historical events, in particular our wars. Wars often times lead toward magnanimity directed at enemies, which included admiration for their bravery, the purity of their motives, and their willingness to sacrifice themselves for a cause. There is often, moreover, a brotherhood of sorts among veterans, for they shared a common experience of walking through the valley of the shadow of death. This doesn’t just apply to civil war vets but the shared experiences between German and American soldiers or the Japanese. This sort of understanding seems completely lost in today’s discourse. People often don’t grasp that the South after the Civil War was completely destroyed. Thousands of young men were killed and defeated with nothing being accomplished. This is where the romantic movement during that late 19th century period started and why it was more pervasive in the South and not the North. The victors didn’t have to explain their motivations or come to grips with defeat.

The alt right and social justice warriors are racial collectivists who are opposed to the basic values of the Enlightenment.

I’ve lately been seeing lots of very troubling sentiments on social media in regards to Charlottesville and the Alt Right white identitarian movements protest at historical monuments. What I seem to be witnessing is more of a show or performance than an actual condemnation for what identitarian movements stand for. People are very swift to call out the white identitarian movements and their obvious troubling political stances. However these same people are very much silent when it comes to calling out violence on the left for example the shooter who attacked the Republican congressmen or the constant violence antifascists cause when someone they dislike has a speaking engagement. Some even go so far as to label anybody politically right of their position as never condemning racism and that that white identitarians are representative of mainstream Republicans and conservatives. This is not an arbitrary characterization but a deliberate act.


This sort of disconnect appears to be ingrained in the positions of left leaning individuals. They for whatever reason whether it be willful ignorance or simply naivety are unable to grasp why a white identitarian movement would grow despite countless other groups creating their own to display their grievances. The left demands that a person’s outward “labels” only qualify them to weigh on the feelings of people with the exact same characteristics. If color or sex or gender or other identity determines one’s interests, then the Klan is right to argue for the “interests” of white people. Why shouldn’t they? If social legitimacy is a zero-sum game, then why shouldn’t each group have its exclusive advocates? Their understanding of why Trump was elected is laughably ridiculous from conspiracies with Russians or that America secretly has millions of racists who came out just for this election. This would be wrong on both counts. Trump was elected in part to smash the pieties and hypocrisy that held Republicans always guilty and Democrats always innocent.That sort of thing gets noticed. And when it continues despite polite requests to stop, blunter means will be utilized. Why the hell do you think the goons in Charlottesville were chanting”You will not replace us”? Where do you think they got the idea? I’ll tell you where: from a media that for over a decade has been gleefully telling all who’d listen that white people are on the way out.


Ideally people would be able to see that they dislike white identity politics and be self aware enough to realize the trouble that their own clinging identity politics is causing. Despite what identitarians will tell you there is an alternative. Rather than focusing on the person putting forth the argument, rather than elevating ad hominem attacks to a moral principle, focus on the argument, and what it means for us a society. You don’t have to be any particular color to know that racism, sexism and bigotry of all kinds is wrong. You don’t have to have lived injustice to recognize it and work against it. If we as people adopted the approach of striving for what is actually morally right instead of living with a morally relativistic mindset we would be far better off. We would be able to see actual progress if we fought for the ideals of procedural justice for all under the law rather than seeking social justice we would see progress. After all JFK didn’t say “Ask what your country can do for you based on your identity” did he.