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In 1278 the King of England came up with a new plan to raise money and land, as leaders are fond of doing. Certain that historic privileges had been usurped by uppity subjects, King Edward sent royal officers around to prominent individuals demanding by what legal right – quo warranto – they held their honours. However when Edward’s men arrived at the home of one John de Warenne, Earl of Surrey, the ageing aristocrat pulled out his rusty sword and proclaimed: “My ancestors came with William the Bastard, and conquered their lands with the sword, and I will defend them with the sword against anyone wishing to seize them.”

Laws permitting generalised surveillance, as well as a proposal for a new espionage act that could criminalise journalists and whistleblowers as spies, were cited by Reporters Without Borders as it knocked the UK down two places from last year, to 40th out of 180 countries in its World Press Freedom Index.

In the past five years, the UK has slipped 12 places down the index. Rebecca Vincent, RSF’s UK bureau director, said this year’s ranking would have been worse were it not for a general decline in press freedom around the world, making journalists in Britain comparatively better off than those in countries such as Turkey and Syria.

What if the student is from a culture that views eye contact as being rude or threatening? I feel like this idea that not making eye contact is somehow a microaggression is absolutely absurd. Does the university have no other methods for aiding student/staff interactions than to deliberate which actions are acceptable in their eyes? I pity the students in the UK who are going to obtain a sanitized education devoid of anything slightly uncomfortable or challenging. When they seek employment in the real world they will be handicapped because of this. In their attempts to be inclusive they turn out racist and in their attempts to be accommodating they are infantilizing. A sad state of affairs.