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However, like most countries in Europe (or around the globe for that matter), Italy has a large number of local or regional languages that are actively spoken.

Often erroneously referred to as dialects, most of these regional languages take root in Vulgar Latin (the nonstandard form of Latin spoken after the classical Roman Empire) and are thus considered Romance Languages.

These languages are not simply dialects of Standard Italian. Most of them are quite distinct. Instead, they developed long before the spread of the standard Italian language in the 20th century.

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Very proud of the Barilla pasta company for standing up for traditional family values and not taking the tolerant (i.e. you don’t like it but you say nothing) approach on the issue of homosexual couples in the commercials. Italian cuisine and home life has always been this way and should remain unchanged. There is no reason they should be required to align towards a certain group’s political agenda or attempt to capitalize on the trendy homosexual movement while giving up their moral values. Like Barilla says, “If they don’t like it, then they will not eat it and they will eat another brand."