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Don’t Discount Reunification

February 27, 2018 — 1 Comment

Future Economics

Conventional analysis of Korea seems to be incorrect in its view of the probability of North-South reunification. The conventional view is that reunification grows more unlikely as the disparity in wealth between the North and South (now far greater than that between West and East Germany in the 1980s) continues to increase, and as young South Koreans, who tend to be more opposed to reunifying with the North, come of age.

While we have no way of knowing what the odds of reunification are, we should recognize that the logic behind these conventional views is not sound. Most South Koreans are Baby Boomers or senior citizens, so the issue of young Koreans tending to oppose the idea of reunification may not be nearly as relevant as one might think. An estimated 58 percent of South Koreans in general favour reunification.

As for the enormous economic disparity between the North and…

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Until that day when Mt. Baekdu is worn away and the East Sea’s waters run dry,God protect and preserve our country!Hibiscus and three thousand ri full of splendid mountains and rivers; Koreans, to the Korean way, stay always true!

World Cup is coming so some useful Korean for the match next Tuesday vs Russia.

아리랑 (Ah-ri-rang)

아리랑 아리랑 아라리요

Ah-ri-rang ah-ri-rang ah-ra-ri-yo

아리랑 고게로 넘어 간다

Ah-ri-rang ko-ke-ro neom-uh kan-da

나를 버리고 가시는임은

Nah-reul bu-ri-ko ka-shi-neun im-eun

십리도 못가서발병난다

ship-ri-do mot-ka-seo bal-byung nan-da

도둑조차도 선악의 기준이 있다. (Even thieves have their standard of good and evil.)

Korean Proverb, 한국 속담