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Thanks to the thousands of Internet users who took part in our latest surveys , we are now able to offer you a new selection of maps showing divisions within the French-speaking world of Europe. Good discovery!

Grâce aux milliers d’internautes qui ont pris part à nos dernières enquêtes, l’on est aujourd’hui en mesure de vous proposer une nouvelle sélection de cartes donnant à voir des divisions à l’intérieur de la francophonie d’Europe. Bonne découverte!

However, like most countries in Europe (or around the globe for that matter), Italy has a large number of local or regional languages that are actively spoken.

Often erroneously referred to as dialects, most of these regional languages take root in Vulgar Latin (the nonstandard form of Latin spoken after the classical Roman Empire) and are thus considered Romance Languages.

These languages are not simply dialects of Standard Italian. Most of them are quite distinct. Instead, they developed long before the spread of the standard Italian language in the 20th century.

Pretty cool website that displays with audio recording and transcripts over a hundred different regional dialects of french.

I would say this is accurate. While I certainly enjoy learning various languages I often do so for my own pleasure rather than for intelligence points. It is rather flustering to be in situations where language learning isn’t adequate to the task. But of course this only serves as more motivation to hit the books with more gusto.