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Thanks to the thousands of Internet users who took part in our latest surveys , we are now able to offer you a new selection of maps showing divisions within the French-speaking world of Europe. Good discovery!

Grâce aux milliers d’internautes qui ont pris part à nos dernières enquêtes, l’on est aujourd’hui en mesure de vous proposer une nouvelle sélection de cartes donnant à voir des divisions à l’intérieur de la francophonie d’Europe. Bonne découverte!

Pretty cool website that displays with audio recording and transcripts over a hundred different regional dialects of french.

Today is the provincial francophone celebration in Newfoundland.

Why French?

April 27, 2017 — Leave a comment

In a globalized, interconnected world, foreign language skills are more important than ever before, and yet Americans do not tend to study foreign languages, with only 18.5% of K–12 public school students studying a foreign language and a mere 8.1% of college and university students enrolled in a foreign language course.

Sad. The poor educational techniques and inability to practice foreign languages through immersion play a big part in the poor language language learning statistics. Unfortunately many can go their entire lives without the need to learn another language.

Are the slang, sounds, and syntax of black English a kind of lingua franca for America’s youth?