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CATIN. Poupée. Ce mot tiré d’un vocable grec, catharas, signifiant pur d’où Catherine, est tombé en disgrâce, et ne se dit plus, en français, que pour désigner une fille de moeurs légères. Le même sort est arrivé à sophiste qui, à l’origine, signifiait un sage. Dévot, casuiste sont également en train de dégénérer.

Le sens péjoratif de catin est de date assez récente. Voltaire, Madame de Sévigné, etc. ont employé le mot en bonne part. Ronsard appelle catin, Catherine de Médicis: «Pour te louer, ma petite catin / Je voudrais bien te faire un roquentin / Une élégie, un sonnet ou une ode».

Une chanson acadienne, importée de France sans doute, commence ainsi: «Versez-moi un ver de vin, / C’est pour saluer ma catin».

Catin était un terme de caresse en vieux français.

Pour tout le centre de la France, une catin, c’est encore aujourd’hui une poupée.

-Le Glossaire acadien

Pigouiller: Fouiller avec un bâton ou une perche. M. Carbonneau, des Îles-Madeleine, me donne cette définition du mot pigouiller: On pigouille la vase avec une perche ou un bâton: Les enfants pigouillent dans les ruisseaux pour y découvrir des grenouilles ou en déloger les poissons. Au figuré pigouiller un homme, c’est le sonder, lui tirer les vers du nez.

-Le Glossaire acadien

Abat: Les Acadiens du Nouveau-Brunswick et de la Nouvelle-Écosse disent: une pluie d’abat pour une grosse averse.

L’expression: une pluie d’abat nous vient de la vieille France. Decartes épelle le mot abas. Nous disons également et dans le meme sens: un abat d’eau.

I would say this is accurate. While I certainly enjoy learning various languages I often do so for my own pleasure rather than for intelligence points. It is rather flustering to be in situations where language learning isn’t adequate to the task. But of course this only serves as more motivation to hit the books with more gusto.

Interesting research on the language acquisition of bilingual children. It appears that the quantity of exposure is not as important to future language success as the quality. Would be curious to further find out why increase in English growth caused a decrease in Spanish growth but not vice versa. I personally would love my future kids to be competent in multiple languages but not at the expense of English.

Been getting into several discussions in recent times about the issue of homosexuality so I thought I should construct this little piece to get my views out in the open. These days simply stating the bland fact that the word marriage means the union of the two opposite, complimentary halves of humanity, is cause for hysterical hatred and accusations of bigotry from the liberals and gay activists. It’s simply what the word marriage implies. The words ‘heterosexual’ and ‘homosexual’ have different meanings too, but it’s not insulting or diminishing to gays in any way to simply apply those terms correctly – why should the correct use of the word marriage be an outrage? Businesses like Chic-fil-A, Barilla pasta company, and that poor chap in Seattle who was run out of business for insisting upon the actual definition of marriage, aren’t condemning, persecuting, or harassing gay people – they are merely defying Orwellian new-speak.  Marriage only means one thing, even outside of religion – but the liberals and activists now demand to change the meanings of words, and the ancient institutions they describe, for the sake of political correctness alone. Many people, religious included, have no problem with gay couples receiving identical legal treatment  as married couples – the problem arises when special interests insist upon mandating redefining words in order to accommodate the unique circumstances of a comparatively tiny percentile of the population.  Everyone has the right to eat Pizza, but a small minority doesn’t like Pizza – so they drastically alter it to suit their specifications. They remove the tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni and all the traditional toppings and replace them with say, cake icing, fruit and candy. The new innovation may be delicious – but it’s not Pizza anymore, and cannot accurately be named such. But, instead of accepting the logic of this reality, the government is called in to mandate that the official new treat of those who who have no taste for traditional pizza be called Pizza as well, simply in order to spare feelings. Soon, those who openly state that only the traditional Pizza is really Pizza are called food bigots and run out of business by zealous snack reformers. Silly analogy, admittedly. But this is the source of a great misunderstanding and division in society today – and it could all be solved if gays and liberals would simply concede that the word marriage does not apply to same-sex couples, even though love and commitment does apply. Gays are embarking upon a life partnership, certainly, but its not marriage, merely because gays don’t happen to be complimentary opposites – it has nothing whatsoever to do with inequality.  That gay couples want legal obstacles removed is entirely reasonable. But when they cross over to tyrannizing language – it’s the hypocritical intolerance that only comes from pure ideological zealotry. Words have meaning – and 98% of the population shouldn’t be forced to alter their understanding of those words simply because gays have a different circumstance. Anyways these are my views on the matter presently and I will gladly answer questions. However, if you wish to dissuade me from my position it would be a real waste of your time.