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Eye opening

Whats happening in Iraq is of no surprise to those knowledgeable of military conflicts throughout history. When you put a timetable of your involvement you are essentially declaring your own defeat. All the opponent needs to accomplish is outlasting your commitment to the conflict and a win is secured by default. Regardless of his own losses. And because we now have leadership in the United States that cares more about appearances rather than realities we see the chaotic remains of their ineptitude. 

What I admire most from pre-Vietnam conflicts was the sense of pride in the troops who fought. Everyone felt they ought to do a part no matter if you were a drifter or a furniture salesman. Much different mentality from the career soldier of modern times. This isn’t to say its better merely different.

Today is memorial day where we honor the 1,061,900 US military men who died in battle. While fighting for freedom and the American way certainly was a goal the large majority felt it was the right thing to do as a man and as a US citizen and for that we honor them.

It is a shame that the US government is essentially destroying the US military’s capacity to perform its duties in the name of social justice. First it allowed homosexuals, then it insists on allowing women in combat duties, further pushes for an extreme reduction in size, and now they wish to not only allow transgender individuals but to pay for their required procedures. Good job America. All these nations around us not doing these ridiculous practices are salivating at the thought of our self implosion.