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Looks good and campy like the first iteration. Looking forward to this.

Recently decided to watch Exodus: Gods and Kings. Let me start out by saying that I did not go in expecting a movie closely based on the religious text, especially with this movie being directed by an atheist. Overall though the movie was quite poor from a purely movie perspective. Firstly the character development was simply nonexistent. We have a cliche “father likes step son more than biological son” scenario which is poorly brought to the forefront at random moments throughout the movie. Sigourney Weaver’s character apparently wants Moses dead but has no reasoning given behind these motivations. They add a random love interest for Moses while he’s in exile simply so he has a love interest in the movie. This love interest plays no real role other than to add the tension of leaving his family to do his ultimate mission. The plagues were creative but ultimately kind of a cop out due to their naturalist interpretation of them occurring. 

To briefly speak on the biblical aspects of the movie I must bring up how ridiculous this narrative of God as this sadistic and evil person is getting tiresome. People are always giving human characteristics to God and that His actions must have purpose. But God doesn’t do things to achieve something because everything He wishes (even though wish is poor phrasing due to English limitations) happens, that’s what makes Him omnipotent. So to judge God with our laughably biased definition of “good” is preposterous. Our own morals are only a way to assure our survival and interaction as a species is both amicable and tranquil. God doesn’t require the use of morals because of His already perfect and universal status thus applying our moral beliefs to God is an exercise in futility. 

It was mediocre. If you wish to not read a negative review I suggest you read no further. I will only speak on the adaption to film briefly as I wish to judge the movie of itself. I thought Peter Jackson did a fairly decent job of portraying the small details from the book. Enough so to give a decent book to movie portrayal anyway. Beorn had far too little screen time. Overall there was way too much Dwarf screen time throughout the film and very little of Bilbo. The silly contrived pseudo-romance between the elf and dwarf was unnecessary and added nothing but more “drama” to the film. Certain deviations from the story were pointless such as the splitting of the company at Lake-town and the near death of Kili. The dragon was pretty well done and didn’t come off as too unrealistic. The scenes where the dwarfs are running/fighting Smaug are acceptable changes as simply doing as the book foretold wouldn’t be as exciting for the audience. The overall feeling is that nothing was accomplished though in the end. They reach the mountain and awaken the dragon with little happenings along the way. All the major events were saved for the 3rd film. The closing song was not very pleasing to the ears. Although quite slow at the start and also not accomplishing much, An Unexpected Journey was far better. The music of course was excellent.