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In short the answer is no. The Young Pope is a miniseries set in modern times in Vatican City. A young American named Belardo is entrusted post-conclave with the new leadership of the Catholic Church. The ensuing episodes display his reign as the youngest and first American Pope. So why is the show poor you might be wondering? For starters the story and writing is quite poor. The motivations of the various players within the Vatican are made pretty clear from the start rather than slowly revealed over time. Furthermore those motivations are not very strong nor provide any serious conflict between the various characters.

The Pope rather than coming across as the complex character torn between the desire to be loved and the desire to be self reliant comes across as simply a petulant child with parent issues due to abandonment. He seems hellbent on destroying the foundations of the Church while placing himself in a place of absolute control. Belardo seems content with going on and on about some conceived plan but having witnessed half of the first season thus far I have yet to understand any semblance of a plan being formed. He appears to like the idea of being mysterious though which he presumes will give him more control and cement his authority over the Church. The show could be summed up in the following dialogue breakdown of essentially various Cardinals stating particular tasks that need to be attended to with Belardo declaring that it will be taken care of later.

I was pretty excited for the prospect of the show. The camera work and dialogue are actually pretty well written. The fact that it takes place in Vatican City which brings back my own memories of my time living in Rome around the corner from the Basilica is a wonderful treat. But questions and dogmatic discourse are essentially not even being covered which is deeply disappointing and in my opinion its a missed opportunity. Would people really rather see a random naked woman praying in her room than address the questions of faith, salvation, and Catholicism today? I find that hard to believe.

The final nail in the coffin for me was the lack of a decent story. The dynamics of the main characters and behavior of Belardo could easily be substituted into another setting and the show renamed The Young CEO or something.

So with the recent firing of United States Mens National Team head coach and technical director I thought I might share my thoughts on the matter. Firstly I’d like to say that I am not the most jingoistic of people and thus I am not an avid follower of the US team as I am not a fan of the USSF at an institutional level. However, I am a passionate fan of football the game itself so that is the place from which I will be coming from. Furthermore I do wish to see the US footballing standards improve and become competitive on the global stage.


Lets first begin by establishing that Klinsmann for years has been known to not be the most tactical of coaches and that has been his Achilles heel. Having a penchant for playing players out of their preferred positions at club level, Klinsmann desired to play an attractive attacking style without the sum of the parts to perform such a style. From all intents and purposes he had appeared to lose the locker room and in a sport like football that can largely make or break a team. Those things being said I still don’t fault Klinsmann for the job he was essentially given which was to transform the US football system from the ground up while simultaneously transitioning the old 2002 guard and establishing a new identity and direction. In this way I felt he was successful. Would another manager be capable of opening up opportunities for American players to trial and train abroad as well as bring in much needed talent with dual citizenship? I don’t believe so. What Klinsmann and many American sportswriters failed to grasp is that America for better or worse is in need of a serious reforming of how it goes about player development. In the past this was mitigated by the best American players simply using connections to travel to Europe and abroad in search of top flight training and footballing opportunities. This has not changed and in large part is not on Klinsmann but the USSF. Klinsmann often lamented the lack of passion of drive expressed in the American suburbanite footballers who seemed content on simply getting to the top leagues or rather coming back to play domestically in lieu of a more challenging opportunity.


And now for the state of US football in general. I find it appalling that nothing has really changed on the player development side. Essentially if a player is lucky enough to gain a EU passport their best bet would be to leave the US to train elsewhere. The American youth system is large but ridiculously poor quality. Some will lay the excuses down of the lack of quality training down to disinterest caused by being the current 5th popular sport in the American sports paradigm but that is simply not good enough in my book. When you have a country with as many registered players as we do that simply is not a viable excuse for mediocrity. Furthermore the US system like most American sports is pay to play which means that it essentially can price itself out of the market. Just in my area to play legitimate football against good competition as far as American standards are concerned it would cost  around $2400 a year plus travel expenses. Multiply that by 5 and that is roughly $12000 just in team fees plus the travel expenses and occasional camps during a lifetime of youth football. Not many people have that kind of money to spend on a recreational activity that won’t potentially pay dividends in the future. So until clubs are able to reap the benefits of investing in players development like in the European model I do not foresee the US cultivating talent it is capable of.



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So the Steam Summer Sale 2015 is currently coming to a close. I made several new additions to my collection. Full list:

Mass Effect

Mass Effect 2

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed 2

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Assassin’s Creed Revelations


Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes 2


Tom Clancy’s EndWar

Arma 3

Ultimate General: Gettysburg

Empire Total War

Rome Total War Alexander

Napoleon Total War

Total War ATTILA

Medieval II Total War


Portal 2

LEGO Lord of the Rings

LEGO The Hobbit

LEGO Star Wars III

LEGO Star Wars

Sid Meier’s Civilization V

Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor



Counter Strike

Counter Strike Global Offensive

I originally wasn’t going to comment on the Charleston shooting but seeing the purveying reactions on Tumblr and Twitter left me with no resort. It comes as no surprise that those entrenched in their ideologies are already spreading false information and spinning narratives. Its times like these where you can see the underlying stupidity and repulsive nature of the general populace. People know that racism is a problem yet are continuing to perpetuate a climate where racism can’t be discussed in a constructive and equitable fashion. Instead of any progress being made we are essentially stuck in the same rut with one side apprehensive to discuss due to “guilt” while the other feels they are not capable of being racist at all. Furthermore we are now subject to the tireless amount of politicized opinions of people who wish to capitalize on the murders. And of course we can also look forward to the pointless array of bills brought forth in order to make the populace feel better emotionally. However, these hardly ever amount to anything but more conceded control i.e. government surveillance programs, gun controls, etc. But yes go ahead and focus your outrage on trivial things like a flag even though a couple days ago nobody cared about such things at all. Lets guarantee that nothing will be accomplished but widening the schism in America.

Today is the day where we pay tribute to soldiers who have died while fighting for the US. I’m certainly not the most jingoistic of Americans but still find it proper to pay respects. Although it does amuse me how there is always one who must always focus on the few atrocities on this day of remembrance.

Recently decided to watch Exodus: Gods and Kings. Let me start out by saying that I did not go in expecting a movie closely based on the religious text, especially with this movie being directed by an atheist. Overall though the movie was quite poor from a purely movie perspective. Firstly the character development was simply nonexistent. We have a cliche “father likes step son more than biological son” scenario which is poorly brought to the forefront at random moments throughout the movie. Sigourney Weaver’s character apparently wants Moses dead but has no reasoning given behind these motivations. They add a random love interest for Moses while he’s in exile simply so he has a love interest in the movie. This love interest plays no real role other than to add the tension of leaving his family to do his ultimate mission. The plagues were creative but ultimately kind of a cop out due to their naturalist interpretation of them occurring. 

To briefly speak on the biblical aspects of the movie I must bring up how ridiculous this narrative of God as this sadistic and evil person is getting tiresome. People are always giving human characteristics to God and that His actions must have purpose. But God doesn’t do things to achieve something because everything He wishes (even though wish is poor phrasing due to English limitations) happens, that’s what makes Him omnipotent. So to judge God with our laughably biased definition of “good” is preposterous. Our own morals are only a way to assure our survival and interaction as a species is both amicable and tranquil. God doesn’t require the use of morals because of His already perfect and universal status thus applying our moral beliefs to God is an exercise in futility.