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Journalists, Please — the World Has Enough Activists

The Roots of a Counterproductive Immigration Policy

Naturally people are hasty to blame the opposing ideology for the faults of the government. But of course this lacks any perspective at all. After all, the flavor of the pork varies between the parties but its all pork nonetheless.

It appears as though “journalism” has taken a turn for the worst. Long gone are the days of objective and cutting edge news reports. It used to be that journalists broke stories and brought to light things people ought to know. Instead those stories have been replaced by politicized news agendas and ratings hunters. Instead of holding people accountable and standing up for the people, the media has decided to only report what they feel we ought to know or fits their views. It is a shame that if one wants to hear news they have to do so on the internet but that is what things have come to. The media has always thought their role was more important than it was in reality but thanks to the internet here’s a news flash – we don’t need the news media anymore. We don’t need their archaic newspapers. We don’t need their 24/7 coverage of absolutely nothing. We especially don’t need someone to tell us how to feel or think about an event happening in the world. We are all capable of critical thinking and absorbing information for ourselves.