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I have no qualms with people taking issue with the distasteful chants and songs found in the University of Oklahoma video. But don’t fool yourselves into thinking that anything even remotely productive will be accomplished or that any constructive racial dialogue will take place. It suits neither sides interests. 

I don’t understand peoples need to manufacture the world around them. They believe that they can control nature. They believe they can control their gender. They believe they can control peoples’ judgement and perceptions of them. They now believe they can control societal change. And here’s the real coup de grâce- they believe that they ought to be able to control your thoughts and expression. What is with these young people thinking they can somehow revolutionize the world into some warped nightmare with the word “justice” attached? Why are people so quick to play the race card and defend causes despite factual evidence? Why must black people insist that its other people thats the problem without looking within? Why are all these white people self-flagellating as if by doing so they are somehow better? I don’t get these young people and the sad part is I’m stuck with them for the next 50+ years. Total lack of accountability, responsibility, perception, wisdom, and fortitude. 

It appears one of the worst things people decided to do was bring the concepts taught in anthropology to the masses. Unfortunately people took the science and bastardized it into some ridiculous guilt tripping scheme to control peoples thoughts- much in the same way most sciences are abused. It is incredibly humorous to read through the racism, cultural appropriation, feminism, etc. tags and read all the bigoted and stupid thoughts that pop into peoples heads. It’s fascinating how people are now on the complete opposite spectrum in regards to assimilation and cultural appreciation. Why is everyone paranoid if someone appreciates another culture? Why are you not able to fully appreciate another cultural experience without facing potential annoyance from overzealous internet anthropology nerds? I find it fascinating that when I go to other places on my travels, the native people want you to experience what their culture has to offer. But here in western culture we are told essentially hands off. This seems very hypocritical from the championed liberal multi-cultural and global rhetoric preached in schools and work settings currently. Are we really going to throw a hissy fit every time someone not Irish wants a Guinness, someone black wants a mohawk haircut, someone Japanese wants a cheeseburger, someone not Chinese getting a character tattoo, etc. etc. etc. 

People need to stop taking it upon themselves to defend trivial and perpetually changing abstractions that make up culture.

Just watched the CNN race round table which was interesting but sadly nothing of real substance. Just the typical issues and solutions people can think of as to the reason why blacks lag behind other races. Some of the things I understood to be factual. Its true that the black rate of arrest is higher than whites. But its also true that black murders are 10 times more than any other ethnicity. While it would be nice to think of a world where people don’t judge you on your appearance, speech, behavior, temperament, etc. its not likely to happen anytime soon. People will judge always on their past life experiences. Part of it is that persons responsibility to educate his/herself and increase his/her perception. At the same time though it is also your own duty to carry yourself in a respectable manner. I don’t understand why people say they are “Trayvon” as if being black makes you “Trayvon.” There is more to Trayvon than his race and people are forgetting that. Nobody is discussing his character, upbringing, parents divorces, school trouble, etc. 

This whole discussion is pointless in the grand scheme of things though. The George Zimmerman trial had no racial elements of merit. No evidence from the police and FBI investigation has led to race being a factor in the case. Somehow the whole facts of the case got lost as it moved from a self defense case to a dialogue on race. While racial dialogues are necessary and healthy, they aren’t pertinent to the case.