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Today marks 100 years exactly since the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. This event is largely attributed as a major precursor to the first World War conflict between the Central and Allied coalitions. But of course this cataclysmic event we know as the Great War where millions upon millions lost their lives pales in comparison to a bunch of homosexuals and transgenders creating civil disturbances. At least according to Tumblr. 

Found out today the silly idea of “transethnicity” and I must say its pretty ridiculous. Saw that someone declared themselves a transethnic “North Korean” as if 1. there’s a distinction between North and South Koreans (not genetically or linguistically anyway) and 2. they, as a someone definitely not living in North Korea, could possibly comprehend what it means to be a Korean with origins in the northern provinces of Pyeongan. Whats even more ridiculous though is the notion that its just “white people” who live life under the pretenses of another culture. But that’s Tumblr logic for you.